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IKEA Bunk Bed with Play AreaA Child is a little angel, pressed in our hands by God for eternal joy & love. Every parent wants to give the world’s best things to their child, including the world’s best kid’s room which is full of his or her choicest things. Knowing how to decorate your child’s bedroom is a skill that not only you will be proud of but that your child will be enthused about as well. It doesn’t necessarily take professional designer skills to decorate a bedroom that will please your child and make his or her friends feel at home when they visit. You can successfully add the right appointments to a youngster’s bedroom by taking these simple suggestions.

Age of Your Child is an Important Factor

Obviously, the age of your child will be a significant factor in determining what style and look will influence your decorating choice. If a child is under 10, it’s pretty easy to find ready-made decorating ideas from many sources. However, if your kid is heading toward the pre-teen or teen years, you may need to get a bit more creative in finding just the right decor that will fit into their preferences.

Room Themes from Cartoons, Films & Books

If your child is younger, there are various themes that are currently popular and in which your youngster has already expressed an interest. Novelty themes that are popularized by cartoons like Ben 10, Iron Man, Angry Bird, Barbie, Mermaid or books like Harry Potter and movies like Spider Man, Madagascar or Toys Story are especially common. Some are so popular that companies may offer an entire line of bedroom accessories that make decorating a room very easy. Even furniture is sometimes manufactured with a certain theme in mind. Toddler beds, chairs, lamps, clocks and pictures can make a room themed perfectly for a youngster.

Pre-teens or teens also have thematic products that are targeted for them as well such as famous musicians and athletes. An entire kid’s room can also be decorated around special interests or talents such as technology, music, farming, fishing, or skateboarding, just to name a few.

IKEA Crib IKEA Kids Room Accessories


Involve Your Child, Let Him Decide

Depending on the age of your child, it’s always helpful to involve them in the decorating process. While kids may offer wild ideas that may not work, you can steer them in the right direction by offering workable ideas that relate to their chosen room theme. After all it’s his or her room; their small little beautiful world. Younger children may be happy if you simply choose one of their favorite cartoon characters and do the rest yourself. Pre-teens and teens may want to be a lot more involved in choosing paint, theme, decorations and furniture. This is a good experience for both parent and child when decorating his or her bedroom as a joint project. This helps with the bonding process too and the child learns his/her early lessons of home and home décor. Something he has created himself will always be more close to his heart. And, you probably will not be bothered with the room’s upkeep issues. They will manage themselves. At least, let’s hope and wish so…….

IKEA Kids Room Bed & Table SetSave Money

You can save money on just about anything you are looking for by checking out several online sources that offer outlet prices on matching bedding accessories. Furniture and other room decor can be found online at various outlet stores.

Incase, you already have the basic furniture in place and don’t intent to buy new; you can still make a themed kid’s room décor by concentrating on wall paints, soft furnishings and accessories. As I told you early in the article you can decide on a particular themed wall paint being offered by all paint companies now.

Your child’s bed can get a new look by changing the bed cover sets to his chosen theme’s bed covers. Add a few throw cushions of his favorite cartoons or music instruments. Next soft furnishings are the curtains. Here, I suggest one or two colored plain sturdy, easy to wash and maintain curtains. The theme will suggest the colors you need to buy. If your child is around the age of 10 yrs, it is always better to go for plain curtains as they can be used for a longer time, especially with your child’s changing preferences. Children use the curtains very roughly and therefore need to be washed more frequently. Make your choice accordingly. Finally add a few room décor accessories like study lamp, pen stand, globe, themed dustbin, clock, etc…

It is really not that hard to decorate a child’s room, if you use a little organizational skill, research and involve your child in the process. Knowing how to decorate your child’s bedroom to his or her delight is just a matter of elbow grease and a little ingenuity. Go for it…  Kids Room Interior Designs


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