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There are many times when you need to sell the house you have been staying in. There might be many reasons, from shifting of work place to even moving back to your home town. Trying to sell your home is hard enough. Now, add in a time-frame if you are in a hurry, and it will become more stressful. With the rise of unsold homes saturating the market and new ones getting built every day, you might be feeling a little uneasy, and are looking for all sorts of ways to sell your home fast. There are so many portals which have come up in the last so many years who promise to sell your house if you list with them .But this all sounds too far away.

As a means to help you sell your home fast, here are a few tips to expedite the process:

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Good attractive price is the key

Make the price something nice. House sales are at an all-time low, and consequently prices are plunging. Chances are, you’re not going to get the amount you want for the house. Price your home conservatively by looking at similar houses in your area that are also on the sale. Also take note of the houses that aren’t selling, you may track this by browsing through the web portals like, or even Odds are, the sellers set the price too high, and that’s why there is little interest in it. In our recommendations “If you really want to stimulate a sale, you should under price your property by just a hair”. You know what we are saying…right?

Put on Display…don’t hide anything

The inside shouldn’t be something to hide. That means you’re going to de-clutter, tone down any flashy decor, and really think like a buyer. What would look good to you if you were entering this home for the first time and thinking of buying it? One of the benefits of showing a home that is currently lived in, is the potential buyer gets a chance to see what the house looks like with furniture in it. They can better visualize what their stuff would look like in the space. You may even engage a property consultant for the same work. That might ensure a steady stream of potential buyers. But be sure to take some reference beforehand about his profile, mode of working, behavior and even commission percentage.

Get an Inspection done

From the roof to the floor, get an inspection done for your house. A home that is in perfect-shape will always sell better than one that requires costly repairs. Isn’t that obvious? So in order to better gauge where your home stands, you’ll need an inspection done by yourself or by a local painter. For one, it’s always cheaper to make your own repairs rather than have a buyer drag out the negotiating process. Second, you’ll avoid any last-minute hiccups that can sour a deal when the buyer brings some faults to the negotiation table and you discover the need to replace roof or even need a paint redone.

Don’t be too secretive

With every listing, include a photo or possibly many photos. You’re competing with dozens of other homes in your area that are also for sale. So, in order to make your listing stand out, you’ll need some eye-catching photos. Furthermore, you will definitely need at least one online listing fully equipped with photos. Its better you browse through some home listing websites to gain more education .Let’s be straight now a days most of people start their real estate searches on the internet, so you’re really missing out if you don’t put an ad online. We would recommend , or even


Living Room Sofa CornerInclude some add-ons as “Only jerks don’t include perks”

Throw in something extra like a home insurance for the year or even some new furniture pieces; or if you had installed a fancy plasma and surround sound, offer to throw it in with the house. Little things like this go a long way for potential buyers and can really help you sell your home fast. Many developers are already offering such add-ons with the new houses. Pick up some newspaper and you would be bombarded with such offers.


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