Carpet for EnergeticWhether you are an interior designer or a person who enjoys decorating you must have found yourself in a situation of indecision when it comes to choosing a Rug for a room.

In fact, Rugs are without doubt fundamental items for a well-planned and decorated home, which add warmth and interest to a room. Therefore, the endeavour of selecting the right carpet seems a quite tricky task.

Be brave and choose your Rug without regret by keeping in mind the following things.

How Do You Choose a Rug in Simple Steps?

To choose your Rug bear in mind a few technical considerations and then just follow your instinct:
It could not be any easier then this…

  • First of all it shall be clear the space size destined the Rug: Make a note of the maximum and minimum measurements of it. A mismatch in the size can cause a great disaster.
  • Make a list of the possible colours which can complement the rest of the décor.
  • Think about the function of the room or better of the space where the Rug will be placed. This is simply necessary because if many people are frequenting that area you may opt for a fairly heavy and resistant Rug. You may want to think also about the materials: precious materials as silk may not be appropriate to dining area for example.

And then… the fun part of choosing a Rug can start.

Carper for a Princess Carper for Concrete

Check Your Personality & See the Matching Rug : Like a Match Made in Heaven

Who are you: Moody, positive or what else? Choose your Rug according to your personality…

Carpet for Beautiful


You still believe that fairy tales come true. You are romantic or love romance, you like the pink colour and very light colours. Then you shall go for a fantastic and elegant Aubusson Rug, this type of Rugs reproduce flowers and very classy leaves and other delicate ornaments.

Concrete Person

You are a very solid, concrete and realistic person. In contrast with the princess type, you are connected to the reality and love real thing. No one more than you can appreciate the value of Persian Rugs. Obviously, we are talking about the precious handmade Persian Rugs whose value is going to increase throughout the year. As for the colour, we are sure you will go crazy for a bold and vibrant deep red.

Beauty Queen

For you beauty is a matter of death or life: You cannot go out without make up, you strive to have always your hair in order, and a mirror in your bag is a must etc. For you First impression really counts.

If those things reflect your attitude the best Rug for you would be a soft and lavish Silk Rug. Silk Rugs are very attractive thanks also to the nice effect which light creates on their surface.

Energetic Spirit

You are very positive, full of energy and you never rest. In addition, you like smiling and bright colours. For all these reasons the perfect handmade carpet for you is a very bright and modern Kilim Rug. Look at this one with stripes; it is full of life like your personality.

So have you found your style? If not tell us more about you & we will advise you on the best Rug for you..

This beautiful article is being contributed by Pars Rug Gallery, Hampshire, UK.


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