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How should I organise so many books me and my family have collected over a period of time. This is the saga of an avid book reader. And to top it all, the kids also have their story books, drawing books and comics. This is how you tackle the situation.

Buy a Big and sturdy Book Rack. Here it is important to keep in mind the available space. If you have a separate study or a library in your house, this decision will be relatively easy to make. Incase you don’t, you will have to look for that long wall that can support a Book Rack, probably in your living room. However, if you still can’t find a place, look at the corners of the living room. I am sure you would have space available there. You will utilise this space by investing in a corner Book Rack or a mini library. It goes without saying that this Book Rack has to be as per the overall interiors and décor of the living room or library.

Book Rack Book Shelf with Study Table


Once you have bought the Book Rack and placed it in its place, the next big question is organising the Books. Organising Books in the shelves of the Book Rack is the most essential part for avid readers’ family. The Top most shelves have to be for the tallest member of the family. He/ she can easily access it for the books as compared to others. Incase you have a collection of expensive coffee table books; these also have to be safely kept in the topmost shelves. The most frequently read books have to occupy the shelves at your eye level while standing. This will make your reading experience more enjoyable. Next, is the turn of your kids. Their books should be kept at a level where they can easily access them. This way you will save yourself from the pain of becoming a librarian for them. They will stay independent and indulged in their own books. The smallest toddlers’ books and paints should be in the last shelf. His fairy land has to be most easily accessible to him. This entrée will help him indulge in book reading at an early age.

Finally you have structured books in their own library at home. Joyful reading……….

Living Room Book Wall Wall Book Shelf


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