Title - Textured Sofa Upholstry

Gray UpholstryEvery day we get to see a dreamy model or our favorite movie star in TV advertisements showing lovely grand fabrics for our home. You feel like jumping into the TV and feeling those lovely fabrics. They exude a lovely charm. Commercials are made to sell items. You must carefully choose the appropriate home decorating fabric while decorating your home or while going in for a change in home décor. You will always be influenced by a type of fabric greatly. Each one of us has a preference for fabrics that influence our moods. Some may prefer old classics; others may want modern texture; few others would indulge in Vintage Victorian and many of us may simply prefer a theme used by our friends in their home décor. Once you are clear regarding the theme, you can do some research online, browse through some selection or vendor profile that are selling upholstery and other home fabric, to determine which will fit best. You can also browse through some good books and home décor magazines. Well, not to be biased but best is isn’t it. I know you all would agree to this.

Victorian Home Décor Theme

The Victorian theme for example is both ornate and feminine. Therefore as a home decorating fabric you can choose velvet, brocade or other rich materials. You can choose bows and ribbons for accessories and beads and lace for trim. Try remembering the lovely rooms of serial Downton Abbey on Star World HD. I am still in hangover of the grandness and grandeur of that house. Let’s not call it a house; it was a mansion.

Black Coarse Fabric

Black Upholstry

Modern Home Décor Theme

You must choose bold and vibrant colors in the home decorating fabric, if you wish to have the modern theme. The rooms are not so big and spacious in the modern theme. Here, you must choose light or cool colors for the walls and pay attention to the details of the room including the fabrics.

White Cotton Upholstry Oriental Home Decor Theme

You can also follow the oriental theme in home decorating which incorporates animal figurines such as elephants or Chinese dragons. This gives a novel look to the rooms and makes it unique. The colors used in this theme are mostly jade, coral red, and ivory. Silk is mostly used as the fabric here in this method and dark woods are used for Oriental furniture.

Country or Ethnic Home Decor Theme

In the more subtle “country” theme, you can make use of crisp fabrics such as linen and go in for light-colored woods, and light colors. The colors can be accented in some parts with dashes of blue or dark red throw pillows, for example. For creating a rustic feel, you can select denim fabric and rough tweed.

When you choose home decorating fabric, you must pay attention to the aforesaid points. Your furniture must complement the colors you use. The window treatments must also go along with the theme of your choice and make use of the same colors.

You can find home decorating fabrics in many places. You can buy readymade cushions, curtains and slipovers at department stores or online. You can also procure home décor materials from online stores and web sites which specialize in such supplies. You may also make your own materials if you are good at sewing and wish to make your own materials. You can just go to a local fabric store and choose the fabrics of your choice firsthand. I don’t mind personally doing a little bit of sewing myself with the help of a local tailor to aptly create a themed look. Appreciation of the family makes the effort worth it….


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