Red Snapper Fish is a fish available in Goa almost year long except for the rainy months of June & July. This small fish has amazing health benefits because of which it is an everyday recipe in our hotel kitchen. People from around the world visit Goa – India, stay at ‘Zuri Whitesands Hotel’ and always sample this delectable marvellous dish.

Even before I share the recipe, let me list some of its astounding health benefits.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Potassium is required for an adult human every day. Especially, if you have elders at home, it is essential to serve them with proper potassium. It not only controls high BP and heart strokes, but also prevents them. Every person who is above 30 should concentrate more on potassium rich foods to avoid future health issues. Red Snapper contain abundant amount of potassium than you can even think. Consumption of this fish helps in eliminating heart disease. This fish also contains a vitamin called selenium which is very essential for the health of blood & bones. If you are struggling with rheumatoid arthritis problem, then this is the right fish for you! Eat it as many times a week.

Weight Loss

Red Snapper is one of the best low caloric seafood items. It is rich in protein content and it has several minerals that support proper growth of the white blood cells. If you have Red Snapper whether fried, with Gravy (With less oil) instead of your regular chicken, lamb, you would reduce weight considerably. Believe me, it’s tastier than chicken and mutton if fried or cooked the proper way! It gets very crispy and delicious after cooking; moreover, it won’t increase body temperature like lamb.

Beautiful Skin

We all would like to have shiny blemish free skin, this is the magic is this fish. Omega 3 present in this Red Snapper fish is one of the best skin friendly nutrients. You can eat 100 g of Red Snapper once or twice a week; and no one can beat your skin’s softness! Supple skin glows from within. Red Snapper is the best fish to eat, if you looking for your favourite celebrity like skin glow.

Word of caution: Red Snapper Fish should not be consumed by pregnant women because of high level of mercury in it.

Now for the secret magic recipe………


For the Marinating:

  • Red Snapper 600 gms
  • Salt as per taste
  • Turmeric Powder 10 gms
  • Chilli Powder 15 gms

For Recheado Mix/ Masala:

  • Red Chilli Whole 250 gms
  • Goan Vinegar 500 ml
  • Cloves 5 nos
  • Cardamom 6 nos
  • Cinamon Sticks 5 gms
  • Pepper Corns 2 gms
  • Chop Onions 100 gms
  • Chop Garlic 5 gms
  • Oil 25 ml
  • Sugar 15 gms
  • Ginger 10 gms
  • Garlic 20 gms


  • Cut the snapper in butterfly shape with head on. (Butterfly Shape can be made by slitting the fish from the top part of the body and then deboning the fish to make a pocket without slicing the head and tail part of the snapper.)
  • Marinate the Snapper and keep it aside for 10 minutes.
  • For recheado mix/ masala grind the ingredients.
  • In the pan add oil, sauté onion, garlic and add recheado masala.
  • Cook it for a while and season with salt and sugar.
  • Stuff the snapper with this mix/ masala and roast it in the oven at 160°C for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Serve it hot with sautéed vegetables like beans, zucchini, cherry tomatoes along with lightly Goan spiced mashed potato.

This recipe is contributed by Chef Farooq Baig . Chef Baig is an Executive Chef with The Zuri White Sands , Goa Resort & Casino .


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