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Interior designing and home decoration is a trait which is taken for granted by some, while others spend months and years to get it right for their homes. As we individuals are different by nature and think differently in identical situations; similarly everyone has their own tastes in furnishings and home designs, which accounts for many varieties of furnishings and styles of sofas, dining tables, floor coverings and console tables. For the purpose of home decoration, with this article I am using the living room or drawing room, (as many of us call it) as an example purpose. This room has the largest variety of furnishings, decorative items which of course we always love to showcase it.

Tables with Lunge Chairs

Professional Interior designers from biggest in the world to the smallest in your city will often tell you that simple is often better. When you walk into a home and it’s cluttered, it gives off a messy appearance. The furnishings may be expensive and the home may be free of dirt and dust, but if it’s cluttered, who’s going to notice (for good reasons)? A living room that is tastefully decorated with simple furnishings such as lamps, three-piece furniture and console tables can look extremely elegant with the right touches.

When it comes to home decorating, “more the merrier” is never better, it’s just “more”, not “merrier”. This does not mean all your living room should consist of, is a couch, console tables and one lamp. The differentiation of heavy and light furniture items has to be understood; matched with the space available; and then a balance has to be stuck. The imbalance in the items will reflect on the interiors of the room. The decoration items to be picked up and decorated are also to be bought considering the same aspect of space and weight in mind. Friends of mine, who are shopaholic, find many home decorating items in the market. When they can’t decide which one to buy, they buy them all. They then try to cram them all into one living room. Combine this with a family, spending a lot of time in this room and you have a clutter. Regardless of how clean the room is kept, it’s going to appear too cluttered at all times.

We all agree that buying a spacious home today is very expensive and many of us can’t afford expensive furnishings after making the home purchase. You don’t need expensive furniture to have an elegant home, that everyone will want to visit or where your family will feel comfortable. Make the most of the furnishings you do have. Console tables have always been a major part of the furniture in living rooms. In fact, console tables are so functional and versatile; you often see them in other rooms as well. They can be used as telephone stands, utility stands and even as coffee tables. If you have a corner in the room that makes your room look empty, why not place a console table with a live plant sitting on top. When I say live plant, I mean living plant-not a silk plant. Live plants are very much in style now-a-days. Yes! They are always difficult to maintain.

A living room set consisting of a sofa, a settee and chairs will look beautiful with a couple of console tables in front or to the side of the furniture. Do not clutter them with lots of junk, however. A simple decoration, candle, magazine or statue will look great and accent the table. I also like the idea of people using console tables against the wall as a place to display their family portraits.

Console tables placed near a chair with a small lamp will look very inviting to your family and guests. This will become a cozy place to read or just sit, relax and have a cup of coffee.

Glass Table

Living Room Table


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