Glamrous Victorian DEcor

We all have seen movies or television soap operas which have shown us some real good Victorian Houses and castles. Some of them were essentially British. The origin of Victorian style originated from Queen Victoria’s time, which is Late England Empire. Some noticeable serials were Upstairs Downstairs or most recent and lovely being “Downton Abbey”. The real Downton Abbey is actually “Highclere Castle in Newbury England”. Or maybe we got that from period novels. Perhaps somewhere we also want to take our home back in time and make it look like “Downton Abbey”. No matter what the reason, if you are ready to embark on the process of decorating your home in Victorian style it is not going to be as difficult a job as you may think.
Colors of Victorian Style

Colorful Victorian Decor

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Before you begin your renovation, you should have a color set that you are looking for to make sure all the portions of the room you are decorating go together. This is vital. Think of Victorian homes where something doesn’t fit. I am sure you can’t point any! That’s because it is not supposed to happen. The theme is supposed to look as if it was painstakingly put together piece by piece, each a perfect fit over the years.

Most of the colors of this period are light. Don’t waste time on pigment if you don’t have to. Even though they were available in Victorian times, the style was inspired by classical Greek statues and looks, and therefore is very scarce in using colors, at least not bright ones.

If you are creating a late Victorian look, you can use some darker colors as the second half of the Victorian era did see more rich colors in dining rooms, bedrooms and libraries. Remember the Library in Downton Abbey, where Earl Robert used to write letters and meet his villagers and staff or for that matter, that dining hall with impeccable serving staff putting luxurious silver and glassware on the table.

Victorian Living Room

Victorian French Decor

Make it Luxurious
Whatever you choose, think luxury. Victorian style is meant to show off that you appreciate the better things in life and that your furnishings are those better things. In today’s world that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, just keep your eyes open for items that while affordable, look as if they would be priceless.

Wall Decor
Much of what makes Victorian rooms what they are is the way the walls look. From rich, lush curtains around the windows to wallpaper and wall décor, there are plenty of places to show off the posh adoration of Victorian style on your walls.

If choosing wallpaper, look for floral scrolled patterns or even paper that looks like a trellis has been covered with flowers in the room.
If you really want to make a statement, consider a Red or Green or even Blue & Golden Rich looking wall tapestry to add a rich and lush accent to the room that brings that time period to life.

Victorian Style Living Room

Victorian Hallway Decor

Take your Time
The most important thing to keep in mind as you create a Victorian themed room in your home is to take your time. Many people want to rush renovating jobs to completion. Doing this, you may rashly purchase a piece to ‘fill a space’ and not find the piece that is perfect for that space.
The creation of a Victorian decorated room in your home should be considered a work in progress. Only put a piece in, if you know it is the right piece to put in the space. If not, keep looking until you find the right one. It may take a little longer to complete the project this way, but once you are done it will be a room you would be in love forever……

Victorian Royal Bedroom Decor

Victorian Decor


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