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We celebrated United State’s 4th of July, the French Bastille Day on 14th of July and now let’s raise a toast for the Swiss. Its’ Swiss National Day on 1st August.

Here are some ways the Swiss rejoice this Day:

Cow Riding : It sounds odd but that’s the ultimate Swiss Experience. In one of the beautiful farms located in this region, you can take a spin on Bolderhof’s calm bovines…

Swiss wrestling : Carried out in a ring of sawdust, two Schwinger will attempt to wrestle it out by holding onto each other’s baggy pants and belts. As a token of appreciation, the winner of each Schwingen match will dust off the loser’s back.

Bonfires : Traditional Bonfires is a truly unforgettable experience for a family. Indulge in these bonfires and have a gala time.

Fire Displays : After sunset the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen are illuminated for the special event, and a fireworks display on July 31 attracts thousands of spectators to this special site. For something different, visitors reserve to enjoy a dinner and have special seats for the firework show, or even watch the fireworks from a boat.

Farmer’s Brunches : Food …. Food….food…. that’s the way to celebrate this Day. Call it off at home and visit a Farm organising a sumptuous buffet brunch. Displays of cheese, breads, eggs, smoked sausages, home cooked pies, crispy Roschti, Bacon, Quiche, etc….

If you happen to read this in another country than Switzerland; you can also celebrate this day by decorating your home with flowers, playing board games with kids, preparing a sumptuous brunch, organising a bonfire at night and doing fireworks. After all, at The Interior Directory, we give you all the motivation to celebrate…


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