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All of us want our house to be better than our neighbors, relatives and friends. I believe this feeling is omnipresent. But many times we fail to think ‘how’. There are many ways to make our home more prominent than other homes and look really special. Depending on our style, home decor products and accessories can be used to combine a mix of traditional plus modern to make our home unique. Let us discuss some of the home decor items for this.

Boys Nursery Room

Cosy Blue Bedroom & Home Office

Candles, Lamp & Décor Lights

Some of the modern versions of candle stands and lights include a metallic touch with a shine to them. These can be placed for decoration on a wooden coffee table, dark colored stand or in your bedroom. It certainly creates a mystic or you can say ethnic appeal to our house. There are so many options available in the market in stores and also online stores; that you would be confused with settling down for one. You may also browse through our photos section on this subject, which would surely guide you to have a look at some of the choicest candle & lamp décor items.

Dining Table

Magenta Bedroom Decor

Home Interiors & Usage of Decorations

From traditional artwork with a touch of color, ethnic sculptures from India to hand painted boxes; these are just some of the unique pieces that would make a person say “wow” when he walks into any room of your home. Home decor such as these, can be easily found online and shipped. Keep looking for them. Build over a time your own unique collection, while you can use one set at a time and bring out another one, next time. This would also bring a fresh appeal to your décor style.

Modern Kitchen

Orange Hues Living Room

Steps to picking your Home Interior & Decoration Style

Step 1: To truly pick your style, the color theme is the key. Before picking any home decor products from above, first choose the color theme that you would like for your entire home and every room. For example, if selecting a pastel red to soften the look of your bedroom, then candles plus interior decorative that complement them will need to be selected. So, therefore start with the theme of your liking.

Step 2: Research the type of lighting you would want for your interior decor. Search for items that fit the color theme you selected in step 1. Many times, contrasting home decor accessories with the color theme can add an even more unique touch to your home while standing out. Again, for planning a contrast look for a room, be careful of your choices. Contrasts have to be handled very efficiently and should be executed only after researching enough choices.

Outdoor All Weather Furniture

Patterned Headboard

Step 3: After checking online and magazines, go to local shops. Not necessarily to the biggest brand stores but there are many boutique home decorating stores. Here you can find unique items that others might not have. But also, you may even find unique decor items on the Internet from across the globe. Just order and have it shipped.

Candles will brighten your home and the decorations will add a new flavor. There are many ways to decor your home from traditional to modern or even a mix. But keep in mind the 3 steps outlined above and you’re sure to have a home unique to you!


White Bedroom

Wooden Dining Table


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