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Staging is the rage across not just America but around the world right now. Whether you are selling your home or simply re-decorating, Staging has given hope to all of the women and men out there who wanted to feel like they were legitimate decorators, but did not want to go to school to learn decorating.

However, Staging has simple principles that most people fail to grasp.

Bedroom Cabinets


Most people cannot Stage their own home. Their sentimental attraction to too many pieces will not allow them to minimize the space. A cute picture of their family together combined with a vase that they got at their wedding, though priceless to them, simply clutters the appearance of the room.Staging is about clearing a room to show floor space. This means that the furniture needs to be off the wall. When was the last time that you visited a home and found that the couches were off the wall and pictures were on the wall? This is a huge part of staging.

Dining Table

Kitchen Island

True Staging does not care about groupings of like items. Staging incorporates sizes; the high, medium and low aspect of decorating and uses 3 or 5 items in each grouping.

Staging does not add a convenience table next to a chair; it minimizes the amount of furniture in a room, not adds. It is more important that the spacing to be correct more than thinking of the living function of the room like having a table to put a drinking glass or magazine on.

Staging decorates every table for its function as if you are having a party now. Outdoor tables are set for dinner, game tables have games in action and tea sets are ready to go.

Fresh flowers are preferred instead of fake flowers, white towels are used instead of colored by preference, beds have way too many pillows and music is soft or jazzy instead of rock music. Also keep the TVs off.

Living Room Fire Place

Wash - BathRoom

Many times a professional Stager will be able to use your furnishings. There is a misnomer that says that Stagers bring things to your home and it costs a fortune. This is simply not true.

Staging has played a huge role in getting homes sold quickly and for more money. The goal of Staging is to make your home appeal to the broadest range of buyers by eliminating any offensive items or groupings of decorations that would detract a buyer’s attention. You want the buyer instead to be focused on the house and it’s elements that have attracted them to it.

Living Room Lounge

Living Room Views

Staging is a must for serious sellers. Don’t be fooled that you can do it yourself. Hire a professional. And, in case you can’t affort a professional, have a tough heart to get rid of things………….

Living Room

Modern Kitchen Display


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