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You spend extra minutes, perhaps even hours a week, searching for household items you have misplaced in your rush for rushing for work or even picking up children from the school and again dropping off to their hobby classes. Where are the car keys? What happened to the credit card bill? Didn’t we have another toothpaste in bathroom? Not only can you not find the item you are looking for, your level of frustration increases with each place you examine.

Balcong Seating Layout

Bedroom Storage

Just by taking a few steps listed below, you can gain some peace of mind, more time to do what you want, and a cleaner, leaner look to your home.

Children Study Corner

Contemporary Bed

Create a “Home”

Create a designated place, within your home for each and every item like all kitchen for all eatables. Everything should have its place and if it is out of place, return it to its “home”. Teach other inhabitants in your household, your “home” system, reward them with a smile or simple thanks when they follow your system, and follow it yourself too.

Kitchen Room Dining Table

Living Room Eclectic Cushions

Buying New Items

If you go to buy something new for your home, picture its new “home” within your home as a mental picture in your mind. Now days, there are so many options to buy from, like many web portals or even large home stores across cities. These sites also offer you the mobile or web apps, whereby you can virtually place these items in your home environment and imagine them. If you cannot find a mental home for this new item, you probably do not need to buy it. This even refers to extra groceries that you may think you need to purchase perhaps due to a special offer or price. Make sure you have room to store what you buy. And as per Indian Vastu principles, we should never clutter our homes and try to make them free and airy for positive vibrations.

Living Room T.V. Area

Living Room Views

Living Room Wall Art Your New Resolution
Whenever you use an item, put it back in the same “home” place, preferably as soon as possible. Wow, that sounds easy enough, but how realistic is that? Every evening before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to walk through the house and return items to their home place. Teach your children this same routine for their toys and clothes. Soon these routines will become habit for everyone.

Do buy items to help you organize the things you already own. Don’t forget to picture the mental home for the organizational item you are purchasing. Make it something which adds beauty to your home as well as providing functionality. Decorative baskets are a great example. They can hold items of a like nature and provide easy access to frequently used items. Baskets can sit on the floor, on book shelves, in your pantry, on your countertops, on the commode, at the telephone table, or on your desk. The possibilities are endless and so many choices are available to suit your lifestyle. We just need to see what fits best in our home. By following these simple principles, home management will become a routine for you and your family.

Living Room White SideBoard

Modern Kitchen Decor


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