Title - Framed Kitsch Wall Posters

Most of us will never be able to afford an authentic Monet or Renoir, but we still like to decorate our homes with the look of fine art. Here are some ways to fill your home with art and make your walls reflect your own sense of taste and style.

Hand Painted Water Color Wall Art

Handmade Glass Lamp

Go for low key styles when choosing artwork for the dining room: you don’t want to tamper the appetites of either your own family or your guests by ruining the calm eating atmosphere with garish colors and themes. If your tastes run to the modern, select muted neutral colors. If you are a traditionalist, a calm European city scene or countryside is ideal.

The ambiance of a living allows for more diversity when choosing artwork: brighter colors are wonderful here and will offset the formality found in most living rooms. You can go for a larger size too without overwhelming the room, which makes for some fun possibilities.

The bedroom’s art should be personally pleasing and may even represent a place or object that is dear to your heart. If you went on a trip to Venice, for example, and fell in love with Italy, how about putting a tangible reminder of that passion on the wall? Color choice is strictly personal, but keep in mind that the palette should be something you will be happy to look at for a long time.


Modern Wall Art

Printed Framed Wall Art for Bedroom


Think outside the box

There are many modern artists working today whose art is both beautiful and affordable. In fact, so many prints of great past artists’ masterpieces are hung in today’s homes that they have become almost boring! Think outside the box and search the internet for an artist whose style really strikes your fancy. You can easily choose from a wide selection of prints or you may even get lucky and be able to buy the artist’s original work. You will have the pleasure of knowing that the works on your walls are not found on everyone else’s too. Whatever medium you choose, be sure that the artist’s work and style really “speak” to you.


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