KItsch Home Decor & Design ….how quirky

Kitsch Home Décor & Design
Kitsch is a style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons. Kitsch generally includes unsubstantial or gaudy works or decoration, or works that are calculated to have popular appeal. It can also be applied to music. Kitsch is also related to the concept of camp, because of its humorous, ironic nature. Although once considered to be in poor taste, kitsch decoration has begun to make a place for itself in family homes for décor & Interior design. Perhaps this is because so many people enjoy reminders of the kitschy decorations of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s that once adorned their childhood homes #homedecor   #theinteriordirectory   #homedesign   #interiordesign   #interiordecor   #decor   #kitsch   #homedecorating


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